InsurTech Boston: Technology Forcing Carriers, Brokers, and Analysts to Think Differently

Recently, a group of MassPrinting employees attended the Insurtech Boston event to hear success stories from companies like Duck Creek and Quilt, and learn more about startups in the Insurtech space that are challenging and changing the way we all think about insurance. Over 300 people, from all corners of the insurance industry, attended the event. Spending the time networking with many of these interesting people and companies provided valuable insight to the opportunities that exist in the insurance industry and the direction that the industry is heading.

What stuck with me after the event was the impact Insurtech is having on an industry that is notorious for being slow to adopt new technologies. We are seeing companies that are forcing carriers, brokers, and industry analysts to think differently. I believe this will not only benefit the end customer, but also allow carriers to differentiate themselves by adopting new technologies that allow them to provide the best overall experience to their customers. Carriers will be able to gain valuable insight into their business that will allow them to quickly adjust to fit the market conditions and maintain their competitive advantage.

While MassPrinting has been an industry leader in document output solutions for over 20 years, we consider ourselves part of the Insurtech community.  We are continuing to develop and partner with other Insurtech companies to offer a suite of product offerings that allow our customers to gain valuable insights into their customer communications and how they compare to their competitors. With the upcoming national InsureTech Connect event in Las Vegas, and the next Insurtech event soon after in Boston, we look forward to gaining additional insights into the Insurtech sector and how we can provide our customers with the best technology solutions to manage their customer communications.