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BriteCon 2018 – People, Process, Technology and Partnerships

BriteCon 2018 – People, Process, Technology and Partnerships

This year MassPrinting attended BriteCore’s 10th User Conference, BriteCon. We attend the conference annually as a technology partner and sponsor and have been there every year since 2015. It was very evident to me this year that the evolution of technology in the property and casualty industry is well underway, and what’s come to be known as the “BriteCore Community” is one great example of the shift taking place.

Improvement Should Be the Goal of Insurance Technology Solutions, Not Disruption

In a recent Coverager daily email, Clearcover CEO Kyle Nakatsuji was interviewed and asked his opinion on the most overused word in insurtech. His response was, “Disruption. The very term is competitor-focused, not customer-focused.”

He’s exactly right. We’ve actually been saying that for years. When we talk with insurance carriers, we never use the word disruption. That’s exactly what a carrier doesn’t want to hear. They don’t want anything to disrupt the policies their clients have in place.