Planning for 2019 – Implement a practical and simple “Policyholder ePresentment” solution with MassPrinting

It’s September 19th, 2018. College Football and the NFL are full on. The US Open tennis champions have been crowned. The Ryder cup is a week away. The dog days of August are in the rearview mirror. It’s a very active Atlantic Hurricane season with Florence just demolishing the southeast coast of the US.

That must also mean that it is time to start thinking about your 2019 operating plan and the associated key initiatives. It is time for you and your team to start brainstorming and prioritizing the strategic initiatives that will scoop up valuable resources (money, employee time, products/services, partners, etc) and hopefully provide the best ROI to the business and make you a better company ($$ saved; policyholder retention; process efficiencies; developing a competitive advantage).

The words “digital transformation” are (and have been for a while) one of the top strategic focus items discussed and written about in the P&C insurance industry. Just google it. There are more “Top 10 digital transformation” articles than anyone can take time to read.  

So for this blog, I want to focus on getting you to think about one very simple, efficient, and effective digital transformation initiative: 

Providing your policyholders electronic/on-line access to all of their policy documents.    

I could provide a substantial business case around the value of such an initiative, but I suspect something like that is not needed.  

MassPrinting is uniquely positioned to help with digital solutions for ePresentment of documents to policyholders. It is a very natural product extension to our standard print and mail products and services.  

Please contact us now and let MassPrinting partner with you to help make “ePresentment of policy documents” a reality for 2019!