Data Breaches Don’t Always Involve Technology

Recent reports of a privacy breach by Aetna Insurance affecting 12,000 patients really sparked my interest. I’m sure a company such as this spends countless dollars securing technology infrastructure, has robust password rules, and implements firewalls to prevent hackers from stealing data. So, what could have gone wrong?

Turns out the breach didn’t involve technology at all. They had used an envelope with a window panel that showed far more than the patient’s address, exposing sensitive client data. As with many crises, a seemingly insignificant detail (envelope choice) may have been overlooked and the floodgates opened.

This could happen to anyone in insurance, healthcare, and financial services - if your print mail provider is not an expert in your respective industry.  Print and mail services should NOT be treated as simple commodities or like unsecure marketing mail, but rather as a critical corporate communication method that demonstrates your seriousness towards their confidentiality.

At MassPrinting our implementations include requirements such as; file encryption, secure transmission, restricted access, data retention controls, 24/7 process monitoring and automatic escalation of anomalies, envelope security testing, bank testing, and compliance department sign-off, just to name a few.

If your company is a critical document producer and you are responsible for end-to-end data security, then you owe it to your firm (and clients) to find the right output service provider who understands your industry AND print and mail processing.

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