BriteCon 2018 – People, Process, Technology and Partnerships

This year MassPrinting attended BriteCore’s 10th User Conference, BriteCon. We attend the conference annually as a technology partner and sponsor and have been there every year since 2015. It was very evident to me this year that the evolution of technology in the property and casualty industry is well underway, and what’s come to be known as the “BriteCore Community” is one great example of the shift taking place.

Some insight into the changing times and one person’s view on a continuing story of execution and success:

Vision: A tremendous amount of credit goes to Phil and Chris Reynolds and the original team of P&C Carriers that started IWS, the company behind BriteCore. They had a vision of a Policy Administration System without the legacy technology, processes and associated thinking. It worked and the results at this year’s conference were very evident. 

Community: It is unorthodox to see any insurance related business organization describing itself as a “community”. Well, welcome to BriteCore! I am not sure if this was the original intent, but BriteCore has developed a unique community ecosystem that is essentially driven by clients and supported and adopted by IWS employees. It also extends beyond IWS and their clients into the business and technology partners that work with BriteCore and their carriers. It drives creativity. It enables more robust and expansive support and problem resolution. It’s efficient and fast. It works!

Partnerships: When engaging MassPrinting to provide services to their carrier clients, IWS recommended a very simple and effective approach for success: 

1. Extend the value proposition  

2. Integrate via API 

3. Deliver results. 

MassPrinting considers our partnership with IWS one of the most strategic business relationships we have. Yet, there is no contract and no terms of service or SLAs. The price of admission and sustainability and expansion of business is based on delivering value. 

The Success Recipe: No secrets here:  

1. The people – the best people doing great work. 

2.  Empowerment:  Things move fast and get done. No time wasted. 

3:  Focus.  

4. Process: Say what you are going to do, then do it!

The BriteCore Community. Check it out sometime!