Effectively Managing Your Policyholder Communications Starts with Operations

The importance of effective policyholder communications should not be overlooked. Your communications with policyholders is where you’re most visible to them. The impression you set with those communications will set an expectation for all the services you provide to your policyholders.

A crucial way to ensure you are providing the best communications to your policyholders is to make sure your operational processes are efficient. Your policyholder communications will only be as successful as your internal operations supporting them allow.

Solid operations to support policyholder communications should include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing quick turnaround from idea, to production, to communication to the policyholder’s door or computer screen. Sometimes the best way to do this is by utilizing a streamlined network of partners providing multiple solutions in multiple locations.

  • Effectively managing and verifying delivery results from your various communications on a daily basis. This should include all forms of communications from print to email to digital.

  • Keeping constant tabs on communications output throughout the day through Dashboards.

  • Implementing a disaster recovery solution to insure uninterrupted policyholder communication.

  • Verifying processed policyholder communications, even while using disaster recovery solutions.

  • Quickly and efficiently managing issues that may arise through a dedicated help desk.

While we realize many of these aspects of operational processes can be time-consuming and expensive, their importance is undeniable. This is one of the many benefits realized by outsourcing your document output operational processes to industry experts.