Stop Mailing the Wrong Documents to Your Policyholders

As an insurer, protecting the integrity and security of policyholder information and operational procedures is critically important. We understand that seemingly small mistakes in policyholder communication are actually very serious missteps that can affect your policyholders - and you. When talking with prospective insurance clients, we frequently see and hear about these errors, including:

  • An extra document page being mailed to a policyholder.
  • A page left out of a multi-page document.
  • A return envelope not included in a mailing.

The worst-case scenario is when a policy is put in the wrong envelope and one policyholder receives another policyholder’s documentation.

We’ve found that errors such as these tend to be attributed to one of two causes:

  1. An insurer using manual print and mail procedures
  2. An outsourced print vendor who doesn’t adequately understand the insurance industry

With the latest technology advancements in print and mail, you can completely eliminate the risk of errors like those described above. Have you ever noticed the bar codes on envelopes or letters? Most of the technology advancements are focused on those, along with automation: 

2D barcodes can contain more information than the traditional bar codes you may be used to seeing. The diagram above shows how 2D barcodes allow us to do so much more with managing policyholder communications. By allowing us more space to hold data, we can do more to make sure each and every policy document you mail contains everything it should – nothing more and nothing less.

IMb codes are also added to every piece of mail that is pre-sorted, so virtually 100% of your mail today will have an IMb code on the document or on the envelope. IMb is the postal tracking code for only that particular piece of mail and is essentially proof that the piece of mail made it into the mail system. States are now starting to adopt the IMb as replacement for the current Proof of Mail (POM) and Certificate of Mail processes. It is another technology advancement that can help significantly reduce operating costs.

These technology solutions are examples of how partnering with MassPrinting can help you eliminate risk and increase operational efficiency. Our insurance expertise ensures that the things that matter to you, matter to us.