“Technology Disruption” in Property & Casualty Insurance was Alive and Well at the IASA Conference!!

MassPrinting attended our first IASA conference in San Antonio from June 12th through June 15th, 2016.  Andy Pallotta and I manned the booth from Sunday evening through the end of the Vendor Exhibit on Tuesday, and made a few observations based on what we saw and heard throughout the conference:

1.     Technology disruption continues to affect the property and casualty (P&C) marketplace at a torrid pace. From Policy Administration and Agency Management to Policyholder communications, the tools to support business process enhancements in the industry are enabling rapid change. Walking the vendor floor was almost overwhelming with all the vendors, technologies and solutions being presented.  

2.     With the right business case and an associated ROI, senior Financial and IT executives are ready to adopt new ways of doing business. For these organizational leaders, “This is the way we’ve always done it,” is no longer a legitimate business justification for avoiding organizational changes.

3.     Finding “simple” in the complex world of P&C technology is critical. The executives we met with are looking for simple solutions to help solve complex insurance IT problems. Those companies that find a way to deliver simplicity will have a significant competitive advantage.

4.     Relative to MassPrinting’s technology and solutions, here is what we confirmed from our discussions with both carriers and other vendors:

a.     For carriers, finding alternative solutions to internal print and mail operations is transitioning from early adopter to early majority stage. There is critical mass that has validated both the model and the business justification.

b.     MassPrinting’s approach of developing partnerships to broaden the value proposition is one of the keys to success. Carriers want to know that their existing systems, platforms and technologies will easily integrate and work together before they embark on a significant initiative.

c.     Disaster recovery and business continuity planning for internal print and mail operations is a real focus for many carriers. Solutions are available, but be sure you are talking with people who know insurance.

IASA 2016 was the face of the technology explosion happening in the Insurance industry. We’ll be back again in 2017 for sure!!