Using APIs to Simplify Document Outsourcing Solutions

Two insurance carriers, Leatherstocking Cooperative Insurance Company in Cooperstown NY, and Panhandle Farmers Mutual Insurance in Moundsville WV, made the decision in 2016 to outsource all their print operations to MassPrinting. Though they approached us separately, both use the BriteCore policy admin system (PAS) managed by IWS in Springfield, MO. Prior to working with us, both carriers managed their print operations internally, so we needed to identify an outsourcing application for Leatherstocking and Panhandle that could work with the BriteCore policy system.

All involved parties wanted the transfer of documents from the BriteCore PAS to MassPrinting to be seamless and simple. We performed a thorough analysis and realized the most efficient way to transfer print files from the BriteCore PAS to our printers was to write a unique application program interface (API) that pulls documents directly from the PAS.

Typically insurance carriers use file transfer protocols (FTP) to move documents; however, this FTP process has its limitations, related to security, simplicity, and speed. By creating our own API, we were able to provide significant upgrades over FTPs in these areas. The simplicity was especially helpful for Leatherstocking and Panhandle. Since our API was pulling documents rather than receiving them, they didn’t have to do anything on their end, such as initiating a traditional send of documents. It saved considerable time and did not tax valuable IT resources.

One, Simple Solution with Far-Reaching Value

By meeting the needs of Leatherstocking and Panhandle through this API, we ended up creating a solution that was much broader than those two carriers. While developing the solution, we worked closely with BriteCore since the API would be pulling from their systems. Through this work, we learned that the API we created would actually make things much easier for BriteCore and all 40+ carriers they work with. Rather than creating technology and processes for each and every carrier, our API could be used, reducing time and financial investments.

According to Chris Reynolds, BriteCore’s CIO, "we've had a few additional vendors ask about integrating a similar solution, but none of them had the expertise to do a pure-API integration." 

This is just one example of how we analyze a client’s goals and infrastructure to develop simple, but innovative technology solutions that meet their particular needs. You may think the use of APIs isn’t all that innovative. In most environments it isn’t, but in the insurance industry, we haven’t seen it done in this way to connect a PAS to print operations. We didn’t set out to create a huge technological breakthrough. We only wanted to create something to simplify print for Leatherstocking and Panhandle, but in the process, we developed a solution that could make life easier for 40+ other carriers.

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