Policy Document Output Should be a Top 3 Strategic Initiative

Is there a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place for your internal print operations?

Can you validate 100% integrity in the envelope for every policyholder document mailed?

Are you effectively managing one of the largest line item expenses in the budget?

P&C insurance executives are facing a deluge of strategic initiatives today. Premium growth, achieving retention goals, new products, efficient claims management, IT infrastructure investments. The list is endless. Faster, better, more efficiently are the key words driving unprecedented changes in how insurance companies improve performance and drive results.

Most likely, print and mail operations with an integrated solution for opt-in paperless policyholder access did not make the executive strategic initiative list. Our question is WHY? Some answers we get (with our responses in bold):

  1. Print operations seems to be functioning well. (What are the success metrics? How do you measure your print operations against industry best-in-class?)
  2. Expenses are generally in line with budget. (Interested in reducing your expenses by 30%? Or, reducing expenses by 70% for each policyholder opting into paperless?)
  3. Our people do a great job managing this part of our business. (Is your team driving best practices and solutions for print and associated technology?)
  4. In reality, it's just print and mail. It's not really strategic to operations like underwriting, claims or agency services/support. (Why not treat policy documents as a strategic marketing and communication vehicle to your policyholders?)
  5. We don't need a disaster recovery plan for print operations. (Why not? What happens if a natural disaster affects your printing process? How are necessary documents still delivered to policyholders on time?)

MassPrinting is here to help!

  1. We will drive a regular review of operational performance for print/postage and paperless adoption.
  2. We will identify, track and measure the key performance metrics and show how you perform versus industry best-in-class metrics.
  3. We will reduce print/mail expenses, usually by 30% or more. And, reduce expenses by 70% for each paperless policyholder that opts-in.
  4. We will integrate print and electronic document fulfillment in one simple technology solution.
  5. We will deliver multi-level disaster recovery and business continuity processes.

Get proactive - understand and manage your print and mail operations!

At MassPrinting, we help our clients find and implement the right technology and document output solutions to achieve their strategic business objectives and drive continuous process improvement. It costs you nothing to have MassPrinting complete an initial review of your print/mail operations and provide recommendations and solutions with significant results.

Give us a call and see how we can help you!