"If it's not broken, let's not try and fix it!"

As an executive leader of a P&C carrier, have you ever spoken these words?

Have you used these words as a business justification for not making difficult organizational change?

Do you view policy document output as a strategic communication vehicle?

2014 was the year of the polar vortex. 2015 was the year of ice dams and collapsed roofs. Over these past two years, the amount of money that homeowners and P&C insurance companies spent on frozen pipe and water damage in the northern half of the US was astronomical. It is likely that a high percentage of this damage (and the disastrous extended damage to the homes) could have been avoided if homeowners had planned ahead. The pipes and roofs were not broken. It was an EXTERNAL INFLUENCE that caused disastrous results.

Don't let a similar EXTERNAL INFLUENCE affect your print and electronic document delivery operations. Plan ahead! Whether a direct writer or through an agent model, print and electronic document delivery is the primary communication vehicle with your policyholders. Yet, how many P&C insurance companies today think of document fulfillment as a strategic part of their business? Executives tend to focus on traditional important measures:

  • Do we have the right products?
  • Are our underwriting guidelines effective?
  • What are our loss ratios and how best can we affect performance?

All great, strategic questions!

Let's add a few more:

  • What is your annual spend on policy document communications to policyholders and agents?
  • What are the industry leaders spending?
  • Are we leveraging our print and electronic communications processes across the business for cross-selling, branding and critical, timely communications?
  • What is your disaster recovery/business continuity plan for document print and mail?

MassPrinting can help you understand the following:

  • Are you effectively managing print/electronic document fulfillment? (This is likely one of your highest expense line items)
  • What is your average cost to print and mail documents and how do you compare to "industry best"?
  • What are your costs by envelope type and by category? (new business, renewal, endorsements, etc.)
  • What technology can help you integrate and simplify print/mail, e-payment and e-presentment?

From your view today, the document output process may not be broken. Let MassPrinting help you ask and answer the right questions to help avoid an insurance "vortex" on critical policyholder communications.